How to order our services

1. To place an order you need to complete a form

Please include data specified for the service of your choice:

Performing genealogical searches in metric books:

– surname and first name of the person sought (parents’ names if known);
– religion (Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic);
– city, parish or address of residence (including for larger cities e.g. Lviv), district;
– extent of birth/marriage/death to be checked;
– date or period to be checked (years from – to).

Checking and taking pictures in the Josephine Cadastre 1785-1788 and the Franciscan Cadastre 1819-1820:

– the name of the locality and the reference number;
– scope to be performed.
Refer to the general guide for signatures:
General guide for the Josephine Cadastre 1785-1788 and the Franciscan Cadastre 1819-1820. PDF size 18.4 MB »
In the guide, next to each Ukrainian name there is a proper Polish name and a signature, where Й = J means Josephine Cadastre, Ф = F – Franciscan Cadastre.

Example of signature notation:
– Lipnica Górna J I-86 Josephine Cadastre
– Lipnica Górna F I-174 Franciscan Cadastre.

Cadastral maps of Galicia, registers of land plots and owners 18th-19th centuries:

– town name, county (or other administrative unit depending on the period);
– years the map was made (the period of years from – to which you are interested).

Railroad employee personnel files 1884-1939:

– the surname and first name of the person sought;
– city and county of employment;
– if known, indicate the year of birth and father’s name of the person sought.

Research service in the archives in Lviv

– contact details (and family name, e-mail address);
– subject of the order (document, particular information or person you are looking for);
– time period;
– type of service (verification of information, copy of document).

2. We will send you order acceptance information and evaluation of cost together with details to settle your payment.

3. You make a payment.

4. After confirmation of your payment we perform the ordered service.

5. When service is completed we send you service documentation by e-mail.